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The Beauty of Orchids Orchids, so delicate, so beautiful.  I have added a few of the images taken at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond Virginia. Colored borders can be added upon request. Email me with size and color desired. Please enjoy. Additional Orchids and other flowers can be seen in the Petals and Stems Gallery. ~Amelia~



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Look Around  


With the beautiful but brief changing fall colors as a photographer I am compelled to take as many shots as possible before the trees become bare. I search for places to go to get the max for my efforts. My original plan was a trip to Ashland with my photography group. Of course that day I wasn't feeling well and didn't go. Determined, I went later that afternoon to the reservoir. It was predicted to be the last good weekend and I wasn't about to miss it. As I was walking around taking shots here and there I spotted the eagle that I had heard lived but in my 15 years of living in Midlothian had never seen. How could I possibly miss this opportunity. Leaves? What Leaves?.....

These eagles will if I don't concentrate on them at this moment! 


So I quickly changed my lens... the eagle was pretty far up there... and realized it was not one, not two, but 3 eagles.... again I say.

Leaves? What leaves?  

I felt at that point, though I did get some very distant shots of the eagles, my Autumn chances were done. Night was looming, the work week beginning, fall had fallen. I accepted my fate based on my decisions and would try not to mope around to much.

This is a new weekend, I have watched the leaves fall and change outside my office window all week. Yellow to brown to gone. As I was standing outside feeling the warmth of the sun I looked across the yard to a brilliance that could only be delivered from heaven. Gleaming there in the neighbors, yard shroud in a majestic red, was an autumn covered tree. Had it been there all along? I looked up and around. Shades of yellow, orange, brown and red... everywhere! Have I actually been with myself? Talk about shortsighted, thinking that I had to travel to look for what God had given me in my own front yard. I had flashes of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz talking to Aunty Em about how everything she wanted was right here.

Well Click my Heels and Send me Home!

Golden Pear

Autumn PaintAutumn Paint




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